Eco Resources

With new technology, our homes are becoming more energy and water efficient, better for the environment and more automated (smart).

Eco-Friendly home ideas and products

6 Questions Every Buyer Should Ask Before Buying a Green Homes

Get inspired by these homes from the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017  

Green Home Terms and the benefits and functions of these features.

Solar Homes resources
Understanding various solar panel systems' wattage, capacity and power outputs

Geothermal Homes   

Types of certifications
LEED quick search of LEED certified and properties currently trying to achieve a LEED certification.  

Energy Star quick search of Energy Star certified properties as well as properties aiming to achieve Energy Star certification. 


Zero Energy Homes (ZEH), or sometimes called Net Zero Energy homes, make as much energy as the occupants use during a full year.   Learn more from our partners Zero Energy Project   

Search for Zero Energy Homes on Realty Sage 

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