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Realty Sage enhances listings with more and new types of data. You will have access to comparison tools, such as the Sage Score and Livability Categories, to make informed decisions about a home's benefits, including its solar potential, home automation, potential cost savings, commute-friendliness, eco-friendliness, and its reduced maintenance.

How Realty Sage Works

Solar System Cost Comparison

Realty Sage and Pick My Solar offer you the opportunity to easily compare solar options for your home. 

My Solar Options

Solar in Real Estate 

The value of solar on homes and information to understand different types of systems. 

Solar Information

Geothermal Power 

Learn more about how geothermal works.

Geothermal Power

Eco-Friendly Home Ideas 

Check out the different ways to make your home more eco-friendly including products, materials, appliances and systems. 

Eco-Friendly Ideas

My Perfect Home Quiz

Take this fun, 6 question quiz to find out which types of homes best match your lifestyle. 

Perfect Home Quiz 

Marketing My Eco Home Listing

Online or in-person marketing options to help you showcase your listing to its fullest potential.  We have options that will elevate your listing.

Market My Property

Additional Real Estate Resources 

Explore more information about real estate trends and information

Real Estate Resources

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