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Realty Sage listings are enhanced with data and verified information ot make the listing process more accurate, comprehensive and easy. 

Accuracy and more details help to showcase your property listings, so you can sell it faster and for more return on your investment. 

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It’s entirely free to add listings to the platform.

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Our innovative tools make it easier for you to showcase the premium features and their benefits to potential home buyers. Visit our Seller page for more insights. 
Marketing Materials will showcase your Sage Score and so much more. This complete package will give you everything you need.
Agents with Experience 
Connect to agents in your local area based on your specific listing needs. Using the platform, fill out a short questionnaire about the type of home you are selling and Realty Sage gets to work with its proprietary data to match you to agents based on their experience working with those features (i.e. your property has solar is matched to agents who have solar experience or additional credentials and understand how to market these premium features)

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Get your Sage Score certificate and more in one package for only $99.  

Realty Sage offers sellers multiple ways to elevate your listing, including marketing materials customized with your listing's Sage Score, and a certificate and documentation to provide to potential buyers, appraisers, and lenders.  Realty Sage provides unique materials and tools that will improve the marketability of a seller’s listing.

Marketing Options 


Sage Score

The Sage Score is the only instant comprehensive score to compare and market properties more easily. The Sage Score considers certifications, energy efficiency, building quality, community features, and hundreds more features of a home. 

Livability Categories
These categories showcase the potential benefits of your listing such as Cost Savings, Quality, Commute-Friendly, Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance and much more. Potential cost savings, health, comfort, eco-friendliness and more allow your listing to showcase.  They also reflects a home’s potential benefits to buyers and help set your listing apart. Cost Savings, Quality, Commute-Friendly, Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance and much more

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Potential Resale Values

Learn more about which features add market resale value Value of  Property Features
Read more about sustainability in the real estate industry

Get Your Money's Worth: Energy efficient upgrades without breaking the bank

Marketing Your Eco Property: Materials, Online Features and more

How to Host a Solar Home Open House

8 Improvements for an Eco-Friendly Remodel

How to Sell a Certified Green Home

Property Types 

With different types of 3rd party certifications, renewable energies and premium features in homes today, learn about  Green Home Terms 
Renewable Energy Homes
3rd Party Certified Homes
Types of certifications
LEED quick search of LEED certified and properties currently trying to achieve a LEED certification.
Energy Star quick search of Energy Star certified properties as well as properties aiming to achieve Energy Star certification. 

Zero Energy Homes
Zero Energy Homes (ZEH), or sometimes called Net Zero Energy homes, make as much energy as the occupants use during a full year.   Learn more from our partners Zero Energy Project .

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