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Marketing Opportunities 

Online or in-person marketing options to help you showcase your listing to its fullest potential. We have options that will elevetate your listing.

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How Realty Sage Works

Properties with eco or energy efficient features or smart technologies receive a Sage Score rating between 1 -100+. Any property with a Sage Score means that it has features that are above a beyond a traditionally built property. 

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Real Estate Tips for Buyers, Sellers and Agents

Check out these tips to learn more about the real estate industry. 

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Livability Categories

These categories allow you to quickly and easily identify properties which match your lifestyle such as:

Cost Savings,Quality, Commute-Friendly, Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance and much more 

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Eco Properties: Market Value, Types of Eco Properties, Real Estate Impact & More

There are different types of 3rd party certifications, renewable energies and premium features in homes today. Our resource guide on Types of Eco Properties will help you compare homes. 

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Financing Options

Guide to tax incentives, appraisals, financing and more.

Financing Options