Eco friendly home ideas


If you are considering improvements to your current home or want to explore ways to improve your future home, here are some ideas and products, which you should consider if you want to save money, be more eco-friendly and have lower homeowner maintenance.

Reducing the water usage and improving its quality in your home are some of the best ways to improve your impact on the environment.

Heating and Cooling
Various types of air conditioning and heating systems 
Water and energy saving options for your kitchen and laundry rooms
Insulation and Sealing
Quick and a variety of ways to reduce the air loss in your home
Electric Vehicle
Options to charge your electric vehicle
From natural to artificial to automated light options.
Air Quality
Learn how to improve the air quality of your home through a variety of ways.
Windows, Doors, Roof
Suggestions for replacing or adding new energy efficient and environmentally friendly windows, doors and roofs.
Interior Materials
Flooring, countertops and more. There are many ways to improve the inside of your home while being more environmentally friendly.
Building Materials
If you are considering an addition or renovation or building a new home, learn more about the types of products available which are more environmentally friendly and may even reduce your homeownership costs.

 Patio and Landscape
There are many options to make sure that your patio and landscape are environmentally friendly with reduced water usage and storm water runoff.
From renewable energy options, like solar, to improved energy efficiency, tackling the energy consumption in your home is a big step towards reducing your impact on the environment.
Homes are just as unique as the lifestyles of those who live in them. Check out these resources to see how to have an environmentally friendly designed home and lifestyle.
Smart Home
Technology can make homeownership more convenient and it can improve the efficiency of the systems and appliances with its automation. See how these smart home products can make your home more environmentally friendly.  
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