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Gain insights into a home's potential benefits with the Sage Score and Livability Categories. 


Our data-driven agent-finder, Realty Sage Pros, connects you to local expert agents based on your unique home search needs.  

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Realty Sage enhances listings with more and new types of data. Buyers have access to comparison tools, such as the Sage Score and Livability Categories. These tools help buyers make informed decisions about a home's benefits including its solar potential, home automation, potential cost savings, commute-friendliness, eco-friendliness, and its reduced maintenance.

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Finding your ideal home requires local expertise and more information online. Realty Sage does both!

The Realty Sage Pros platform connects you to the best local agents for your real estate needs. We evaluate your criteria with our data of agents from brokerages across the country.

Other sites have exclusive brokerage agreements or only include agents who have paid advertising fees to be listed. We work to get you top agents at your fingertips, quickly and easily. No fees, no contracts, no obligations.

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Eco Friendly Home Ideas 

If you are considering improvements to your current home or want to explore ways to improve your future home, here are some ideas and products, which you should consider if you want to save money, be more eco-friendly and have lower homeowner maintenance.

Eco-Friendly Home Ideas


Realty Sage and Energy Sage have joined forces! 

We can help you find the right solar option for your needs. Save money on your home's energy bills. Realty Sage and Energy Sage make it easier than even to get competitive solar quotes. 

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*Realty Sage is a paid partner with Energy Sage. Which means at no additional cost to you if you click through and make a purchase, Realty Sage may earn revenue. 

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This fun, 6 question quiz will show you what types of homes best match your lifestyle. 


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