Buyers, purchasing a home can be one of the largest investments you may ever make. Realty Sage is working to provide the missing gap of information often lost on other real estate sites about premium features, quality construction, energy efficiency, certficiations and more. We're doing this so that buyers have insight into a home's potential benefits and can more accurately compare properties using the Sage Score. 

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Explore how Realty Sage offers more for buyers Realty Sage enhances listings with more and new types of data. Buyers also have access to comparison tools to make informed decisions, such as a solar home’s monthly cost savings, a well-built home providing consistent temperatures and comfort, or home automation which makes the home easier to maintain.

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Uncover which Livability Categories match your lifestyle with this 6 question quiz. 

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Connect to agents based on your specific real estate needs by telling agents what you need! There are no contracts, no fees, no obligations and best of all, you will get matched with up to the top 3 agents in your area.

Sage Score
The innovative Sage Score helps buyers The Sage Score provides the ease of accessing detailed home information and the capability to analyze eight aspects of the home instantly see how homes compare with respect to their features such as energy efficiency, quality construction, community amenities and much more.
Livability Categories
These 12 categories allow you to quickly and easily identify properties which match your lifestyle and will influence your home selection, such as: Cost Savings, Quality, Commute-Friendly, Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance

Livability Categories  
Quiz: What Home Fits Your Lifestyle?

Take this 6 question quiz to find which Livability Categories match your lifestyle

The Realty Sage Pros platform matches buyers with agents through uses agent profiles based on data and based on the agent's professional experience.  to match buyers more accurately to local experts. No obligations, no hassle and no fees attached we charge buyers no fees to get connected with local expert to agents.

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Want to know what to look for, what questions to ask and what's happening in the real estate industry? Check out our Real Estate Tips section. Guide to tax incentives, appraisals, financing and more. 
Solar Systems: Understanding which one is the best for your property and why

6 Questions Every Buyer Should Ask Before Buying a Green Homes

Get inspired by these homes from the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017

Homes today have third party certifications, renewable energies and premium features.  Green Home Terms and the benefits and functions of these features.

Renewable Energy Homes
Is your next home is solar-friendly? 
Realty Sage is partnered with Pick My Solar. 

Solar Homes tips and value. 
Geothermal Homes. How do they work? 

Third Pary Certified Homes
Types of certifications. A list of 3rd party certifications available nationally and even locally. 
Find LEED homes quickly with our LEED quick search. The results show LEED certified properties as well as properties currently trying to achieve a LEED certification, known as a "registered" certification.  

Locate Energy Star certified homes quickly with our Energy Star quick search of Energy Star certified properties as well as properties aiming to achieve Energy Star certification, known as a "registered" certification.  . 

Zero Energy Homes
Zero Energy Homes (ZEH), or sometimes called Net Zero Energy homes, make as much energy as the occupants use during a full year. 

Learn more from our partners Zero Energy Project   

Search for Zero Energy Homes on Realty Sage

Financing Information: Guide to tax incentives, appraisals, financing and more. 

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