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Explore eco home and room inspirations, products and much more. Realty Sage is your resource for everything eco in real estate.

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Energy Efficient and Sustainable

Explore many eco home types in our guide such as LEED certified, tiny homes, solar PV homes, modular and pre-fabricated homes, and many more.

Eco Home Types

Room Inspirations

for Eco Living

Get the look, and the eco-friendly style, and improve the health and livability of your home. View eco room inspirations, with tips on how to get the same look using sustainably sourced materials, energy and water-efficient fixtures, environmentally friendly products, and more.

Eco Room Inspirations

Product Inspirations

For Eco Renovations, Eco New Home Builds and Daily Lifestyle

Check out our guide to product ideas to incorporate into your eco renovation, eco new home build, or as part of your daily lifestyle

Eco Home Products

Want to learn more about eco homes?

Realty Sage is your resource for everything eco in real estate! Find and compare homes for sale using our Sage Score. Read about trends, and connect with local eco professionals to help make your eco home dream a reality.

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Search for many eco homes for sale across the USA. Or list your home for sale - it’s free.

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Connect with your ideal local eco professionals using our data-matching process.

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News and Trends

Explore articles and how-tos for a sustainable lifestyle and eco-friendly homes.

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Sage Score & Livability Categories

Sage Score

The Sage Score is the only instant comprehensive score to compare and market properties more easily. The Sage Score considers hundreds of features in a home and its surrounding community under 8 categories:energy; water; systems/appliances; interior finishes; construction; community/outdoors; technology; and utility information.

Livability Categories

The Livability Categories go a step further and provide buyers with more knowledge about the potential benefits of certain property features including the potential cost savings, eco and health benefits.

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