Using data, we connect you to the best real estate leads with no upfront fees, just a low brokerage referral fee for our partners*.

1. Create your profile,

2. Electronically sign your one-time agreement under the “My Leads & Brokerage Agreements” section

3. Wait for the leads to come to you!

No upfront costs*

  • Set up your profile in just a few minutes.
  • Sign one of our flexible broker-to-broker referral agreements
  • Pay only when you close a successful deal

Transaction-ready clients

  • Our algorithm matches you to serious real estate customers.
  • Customers must successfully complete a questionnaire
  • Customers verify that they are not working with other agents.

Close more deals

  • Act quickly when you receive a lead. Only the first 3 agents who claim the lead will be connected with the customer.
  • With RS Pros you have less competition & greater chance of closing the deal

*broker-to-broker fee depends on your agreement type; 35% referral fee of gross commission for agent partners and 40% gross commission referral fee for one-time lead claim agreements. See RS full terms of use

Here's how to get started with Realty Sage Pros

1 Create your profile

It's totally free and only takes a few minutes to create your profile. Fully customize it with your professional achievements to stand out from the crowd.


2 Add your experience & knowledge

Your profile is a powerful tool to boost your online presence and grow your referral business. Our platform analyzes your knowledge and experience and gives you more customer lead matches based your detailed profile.


3 Become a partner. Sign our referral agreement

Sign the Intelligent Referrals broker-to-broker agreement and only pay a fee when a referral closes. 

View and download the partner referral agreement for agents. Once complete, upload it to your account under the "My Leads and Brokerage Referral Agreements" section. 

Why we're different

We care about sustainability and smart technology

Homes and multi-family buildings are constructed with more energy efficient features, renewable energy and smart technologies than ever. Your agent knowledge and experience assist buyers in understanding the value and benefits of these premium features. Sellers need your expertise in order to market their homes more accurately and to get the best return on their investment.


Data-driven matching

We use data to match you to customer leads, based on your experience and knowledge and their unique real estate needs. Customize your free agent profile with your area of expertise and let it shine with potential clients.

As a part time agent, Realty Sage Pros lead generation offers me the ability to target my marketing spend with a pay as you go model. Even better, the leads are pre-qualified so I'm focusing on the home buyers who are seeking a home in the area I serve. This is a super smart option for agents who want to spend their time and money on helping their clients find their next home.

Jesse Boeding
REALTOR Keller Williams
Falls Church, VA

Receiving leads from Realty Sage Pros connects me to clients who value sustainability, one of my specialties. The information the clients and agents get from the website is priceless.

Miriam Gennari
REALTOR, Ikon Realty
Annandale, VA

With over two decades as a real estate agent, Realty Sage Pros is one of the only services where I can really show off my knowledge and experience marketing and finding a wide range of different properties for my clients with different requirements. It’s a really cool service.

Marik Queener
REALTOR, Pearson Smith Realty,
Ashburn, VA

Create or login to your profile and request a broker-to-broker agreement.


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