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Realty Sage is the resource for everything eco in real estate.

Realty Sage’s vast database improves home listings with more information and innovative comparison tools such as the Sage Score and Livability Categories. RS goes even further by providing resources and ideas for eco products and home building and connects people to knowledgeable professionals through our Realty Sage Pros platform.

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The Sage Score

Homes have many diverse features. But you may not ever see most of these when the homes are for sale. The Sage Score along with Livability Categories help you compare homes and their features giving you more knowledge about what the home offers.

The Sage Score is the only instant comprehensive score to compare and market properties more easily. It considers hundreds of features in a home and its surrounding community under 8 categories: energy; water; systems/appliances; interior finishes; construction; community/outdoors; technology; and utility information.

The Right Track Home
1 - 25

To save the money or save the planet? Yes, you can do both and this is a great place to start. Homes in this range have features which are better than the average resale home. Those features may include a combination of upgrades such as energy and water efficient fixtures, community features like walkability, or even a renewable energy source.

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The Remarkable Home
26 - 50

A stand out in the marketplace with greater energy efficiency, quality construction, energy and water efficiency and maybe even renewable energy. Comfort, easy maintenance and lower ownership costs are often part of these homes.

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The Top Notch Home
51 - 75

Like a strong cup of coffee, these properties pack a punch. These homes typically have a combination of renewable energy, sustainable materials and water and energy efficiencies to reduce your monthly costs and increase your comfort. They may also have a third party certification. Ownership is noticeably easier and less costly than a typical property.

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The Supreme Home
76 - 100+

This property will blow you away – we are talking highest levels of eco, energy efficiency, smart technology enhancements and more. You REALLY care about the planet and a healthy home. Monthly ownership costs should be drastically reduced and so will your carbon footprint.

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Livability Categories

Not only should you know what those features are, but also know what it means for living in that home — is it more energy efficient, does it have lower utility costs, is it more comfortable, healthier and environmentally friendly?

Livability Categories provide more knowledge about the potential benefits of certain property features including the potential cost savings, eco and health benefits.

Realty Sage Pros

ReatySage gives you the tools and knowledge to compare sustainable and smart technology homes. We also have your back when you need professionals to buy, sell, renovate, or build a home.

Whether you’re seeking a supreme home or something with some healthy and cost savings features, It’s important to work with qualified professionals that have a greater knowledge about renewable energy, smart technology, different types of home building and how to navigate the process.

With Realty Sage Pros, we use Realty Sage data to connect customers who complete a short questionnaire of their real estate needs to local knowledgeable professionals.

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