How Realty Sage Works



Using data and technology, Realty Sage goes beyond standard home descriptions and focuses on often neglected data, such as cost saving features, eco-friendliness, health benefits, commuter-friendliness, 3rd party certifications, quality construction and more

Innovative Comparison Tools

-  Sage Score: the only instant and comprehensive score to compare and market properties more easily. 

-  Tens of thousands of active listings
-  Livability Categories showcase how property features impact the quality of living. 
-  Quantifying green including information about solar and potential cost savings, eco and health benefits. 
-  Buyers are empowered with innovative comparison tools. 
-  Our technology provides sellers and agents with easier and more accurate ways to market their listings. 

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Same Listings, More Data on RS 
Realty Sage reveals more data and home ownership benefits.The same property marketed on two sites.

With limited information shown to consumers, a property with beneficial and premium features may look very similar on most real estate sites because they only have access to limited details about properties. 




No boundaries 

Add your listing and search anywhere. 

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It’s entirely free to add listings to the platform and to search for homes. 
Premium Marketing Options 
We offer additional marketing options 



You're in Control
Explore how Realty Sage offers more for buyers Realty Sage enhances listings with more and new types of data. Buyers also have access to comparison tools to make informed decisions, such as a solar home’s monthly cost savings, a well-built home providing consistent temperatures and comfort, or home automation which makes the home easier to maintain.
Match Your Home to Your Lifestyle
Uncover which Livability Categories match your lifestyle with this 6 question quiz. 

Find your Ideal Agent 
Connect to agents based on your specific real estate needs by telling agents what you need! There are no contracts, no fees, no obligations and best of all, you will get matched with up to the top 3 agents in your area.


Free Listings
It’s entirely free to add listings to the platform.

Better Marketing
Our innovative tools make it easier for you to showcase the premium features and their benefits to potential home buyers. Visit our Seller page for more insights. 
Marketing Materials will showcase your Sage Score and so much more. This complete package will give you everything you need.

Agents with Experience 
Connect to agents in your local area based on your specific listing needs. Using the platform, fill out a short questionnaire about the type of home you are selling and Realty Sage gets to work with its proprietary data to match you to agents based on their experience working with those features (i.e. your property has solar is matched to agents who have solar experience or additional credentials and understand how to market these premium features)

Try it today to see which agents are a match for your unique real estate needs. No obligations, no contracts and no fees!



Offer your sellers more ways to elevate their listings, provide your buyers with additional information about potential properties.

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Join Realty Sage Pros for Free
Connect with new buyers and sellers through RealtySagePros. No contracts, memberships, or fees. Quality leads. Only $35 pay-per-lead. And a guarantee. 

Filling the Industry Gap
Realty Sage fills the gap in the real estate industry with the quantification of green and premium features that are often deficient, inaccurate and non-existent on other platforms.
Clean technologies, energy efficient products and innovative building materials have a place to showcase their premium qualities and benefits, not seen on other platforms.

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