How Realty Sage Works



Using data and technology, Realty Sage goes beyond standard home descriptions and focuses on often neglected data, such as cost saving features, eco-friendliness, health benefits, commuter-friendliness, 3rd party certifications, quality construction and more.

Innovative Comparison Tools

-  Sage Score: the only instant and comprehensive score to compare and market properties more easily. 
-  Tens of thousands of active listings.
-  Livability Categories showcase how property features impact the quality of living in that property. 
-  Quantifying green, including information about solar and potential cost savings, eco and health benefits. 
-  Buyers are empowered with innovative comparison tools. 
-  Our technology provides sellers and agents with easier and more accurate ways to market their listings. 



Same Listings, More Data on RS 

Realty Sage reveals more data and home ownership benefits. The following graphic shows the same property marketed on two real estate sites.

With limited information shown to consumers, a property with beneficial and premium features may look very similar on most real estate sites because consumers only have access to limited details about the properties. 




No boundaries 

Add your listing and search anywhere. 

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It’s entirely free to add listings to the platform and to search for homes

Premium Marketing Options 
We offer marketing options to help you sell your listing faster and more accurately. Check out our Marketing Materials package for only $99 which includes a Sage Score certificate, room displays, flyers and much more.