Great Deptford House, High Bickington, Umebrleigh, Umberleigh, ENG EX37 9BP


Building year:
Number of Floors:
Property Features:
Patio, Balcony/deck, Other
Virtual Tour URL:
Indoor LED lights (whole house), Indoor Energy Efficient Lights
Garages & Hardscape:
No Garage
Landscape & Patio:
Established Garden, Common Green Space/Park Acces, Eco Garden (other), Large Shade Trees
Energy sources:
Solar system
Solar kW:
Energy Efficiency:
Air Leakage Test (max ACH3 @ 50)
Water Sources:
Grey Water System
Water Efficiency:
Composting Toilets, Water efficient toilets, Solar Water Heater with ENERGY STAR Backup Tank, Water efficient bathroom faucets, Water efficient kitchen faucets, Water efficient bathroom shower heads, Energy efficient electric heat pump water heater
Dishwasher, Microwave, Phone, Refrigerator, TV(s), Clothes Dryer: Electric, Other - Laundry Room Appliance
Smart Technology:
Smart Security Camera, Smart Smoke and CO2, Smart Lights, High-Speed Internet, Smart Thermostat
Ventilation & Air Quality:
Combustion Safety Test, Bathroom Tub/Shower Automatic Fan, Bathrooms Vents, ENERGY STAR rated, Kitchen Vents, Natural Ventilation, Flush Air Prior to Occupancy (new homes)
Walk Score Value:

Sage Features (eco & smart)

Eco Property Type:
Zero Energy Ready
Sage Score:
The Sage Score is a measure of a home’s overall features. 100+
Livability Categories:
Cost Savings. Features which reduce the maintenance & utility costs Cost Savings
Comfort. Has features making the overall livability more desirable such as consistent temperatures and improved air quality. Comfort
Eco-friendly. Has a reduced impact on the environment Eco Friendly
Healthy. Reduced contaminants and/or improved ventilation Healthy
Low-maintenance. Has longer lasting features and/or less frequent maintenance required Low Maintenance
Market resale potential. Has features often equated with a premium resale value Market Resale Potential
Technology. Includes smart and automated features Technology
Potential Benefits:
Zero Energy Ready
- Cost Savings vary, but it's so energy efficiently built that it can be coupled with a renewable energy system which can offset all or most of its annual energy consumption.

No Garage
- Eco Benefits include reducing impervious surfaces and reducing the potential for air contamination caused from a car inside an attached garage.

Natural Ventilation
- Eco Benefits include cooling a home during the warmer months without the need to constantly run expensive air conditioning systems to regulate indoor temperatures.

Flush Air Prior to Occupancy (new homes)
- Health Benefits include improved indoor air quality.

Solar system
- Cost Savings of up to $750/year or $15000 over 20yrs on energy costs.
- Eco Benefits with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Indoor LED lights (whole house)
- Cost Savings of up to $75/yr in energy costs when replacing 5 incadescent bulbs with ENERGY STAR light bulbs.

Indoor Energy Efficient Lights
- Cost Savings of up to $75/yr.

Water efficient bathroom faucets
- Eco Benefits include savings of approximately 20% water use. WaterSense bathroom sink faucets save 30%+ water use.

Water efficient toilets
- Cost Savings averaging $110/yr.
- Eco Benefits like saving between 20%-60% in water use.

Composting Toilets
- Eco Benefit of saving 8,000 liters of water per person per year.

Solar Water Heater with ENERGY STAR Backup Tank
- Cost Savings of up to $280/yr and $5200 lifetime.

Energy efficient electric heat pump water heater
- Cost Savings of 33% to 50% in energy, or up to $330/yr and $3470 lifetime.
- -

Grey Water System
- Cost Savings of up to $400/yr.
- Eco Benefits like water usage reduced by 50%.

Large Shade Trees
- Cost Savings as summer shade and winter sunlight reduce air conditioning and heat usage.

Smart Lights
- Cost Savings of up to six times more energy efficiency than incandescent lighting.
- Eco Benefits include not containing mercury compared to compact fluorescent bulbs.

Smart Thermostat
- Cost Savings of up to $83/yr in energy costs.

Bathroom Tub/Shower Automatic Fan
- Health Benefits of mitigating mold growth in bathrooms.

Bathrooms Vents, ENERGY STAR rated
- Cost Savings are significant due to 50% less energy used than standard models.

Combustion Safety Test
- Health Benefits include detecting CO pressure, as low-level CO exposure can lead to chronic health problems, while higher levels can lead to acute health problems, or even death.


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