575 E Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30312


Living area size:
Building year:
LEED Platinum, EarthCraft
Smart Technology:
Smart Thermostat
Radiant Floor Heat, High Efficiency Furnace & Boiler (AFUE 90%+ ), Programmable Thermostat
Walk Score Value:
Sage Score:
The Sage Score is a measure of a home’s overall features. 100+
Livability Categories:
Commute-friendly. Located near public transportation and/or commuting options Commute Friendly
Community. Location consists of improved; commute, walkability, schools and/or amenities Community
Cost Savings. Features which reduce the maintenance & utility costs Cost Savings
Comfort. Has features making the overall livability more desirable such as consistent temperatures and improved air quality. Comfort
Eco-friendly. Has a reduced impact on the environment Eco Friendly
Healthy. Reduced contaminants and/or improved ventilation Healthy
Low-maintenance. Has longer lasting features and/or less frequent maintenance required Low Maintenance
Market resale potential. Has features often equated with a premium resale value Market Resale Potential
Quality. Includes certifications, enhanced building techniques and materials. Quality
Technology. Includes smart and automated features Technology
Potential Benefits:
- Cost Savings that average $116/yr in energy savings, (typically 30% more energy efficient) & $175/yr in water savings.
- Health Benefits due to improved indoor air quality by limiting harmful chemicals and promoting healthy indoor environments.
- Eco Benefits like reducing 1,100 lbs of greenhouse gases, conserving water, promoting renewable and recyclable materials and conserving natural resources.

High Efficiency Furnace & Boiler (AFUE 90%+ )
- Cost Savings of 11% in energy use, or $27/yr in the southern US.

Radiant Floor Heat
- Health Benefits include improved air quality as allergens are not distributed.

Programmable Thermostat
- Cost Savings as much as 10%-30% on heating and cooling bills. 

Smart Thermostat
- Cost Savings of up to $83/yr in energy costs.


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