443 Greenwich St #D, New York, NY 10013


Living area size:
Building year:
LEED Certified
Interior Finishes:
Eco-Friendly Interior Wood Materials
Windows, Doors, Roof:
Green Roof (whole roof)
Radiant Floor Heat
Walk Score Value:
Sage Score:
The Sage Score is a measure of a home’s overall features. 75
Livability Categories:
Commute-friendly. Located near public transportation and/or commuting options Commute Friendly
Community. Location consists of improved; commute, walkability, schools and/or amenities Community
Cost Savings. Features which reduce the maintenance & utility costs Cost Savings
Comfort. Has features making the overall livability more desirable such as consistent temperatures and improved air quality. Comfort
Eco-friendly. Has a reduced impact on the environment Eco Friendly
Healthy. Reduced contaminants and/or improved ventilation Healthy
Market resale potential. Has features often equated with a premium resale value Market Resale Potential
Quality. Includes certifications, enhanced building techniques and materials. Quality
Potential Benefits:
Radiant Floor Heat
- Health Benefits include improved air quality as allergens are not distributed.

Eco-Friendly Interior Wood Materials
- Eco Benefits are that responsibly sourced hardwood comes from well-managed, sustainable forests, and recycled finishes reclaim waste materials.

Green Roof (whole roof)
- Cost Savings due to conserved energy and increased longevity of roofing membranes.
- Heath Benefits include reduced noise and air pollution.
- Eco Benefits include that up to 100% of stormwater is retained, sewer runoff is reduced, urban heat island effect is reduced, carbon is sequestored, urban biodiversity is increased.


This property is pursuing LEED certification, but is not certified.
LEED Version: LEED-NC 2.2
Registration Date: 2009-02-24




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