BUILD Award Best Eco-Friendly Home Providers 2018

03 April 2019, 15:51


Build Award

Realty Sage (formerly Viva Green Homes) is grateful to be awarded the 2018 Build Award for Best Eco Home Providers -- 2018. 

"As the Real Estate market booms across the USA, Europe and parts of Asia, it is hard not to get overlooked in such a vast sector. With globalisation and global mobility becoming ever more prevalent, there is now a higher demand for investing in properties across the globe.

Here at BUILD Review, we want to ensure those deserving companies get the chance to stand in the spotlight and shout about their achievements. Taking part in the programme will help differentiate you from your competitors, providing a real competitive advantage when seeking or retaining customers or speaking to clients and will give you the opportunity to discuss your business with leaders in the industry."

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