2020's Technology, Tips, and Techniques for Agents and Buyers

06 July 2020, 17:37

It’s been a very interesting spring market to say the least.and it may make for a better real estate industry including improvements here at Realty Sage.  We adjusted our agent-customer matching platform www.RealtySagePros.com to include a matching option for buyers and sellers looking for virtual real estate transactions eg real estate with very little in-person contact.   Agents who are adept at technology can utilize it to help sellers include technology to promote their listings online in innovative ways as well as allow for buyers to tour homes through video chat tours. 

Check out this video of Jan Green of HomeSmart Realty, Scottsdale, AZ, who talks about how these changes are affecting real estate now and in the post COVID-19 world.                                   

Video by Tiana Catala, Communications Intern with www.RealtySage.com

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