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How it works

Simple, easy and with no hidden fees or terms.

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Create your free profile with your real estate experience, service locations and your photo.

Agents with greater experience and knowledge, especially with energy efficiency, eco-friendly properties and smart technology are matched more frequently with customer leads.

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Once you've created your profile, log in on select, "My Leads and Brokerage Agreements"

Select "Brokerage Agreements" to complete the simple agreement including your Agency Broker's information. Your Agency Broker will receive a notification for them to sign the referral agreement.

Once your Agency Broker has signed, you will receive a confirmation email that you are all set!

Claim customer leads

When you are matched to a customer lead, Realty Sage will send you an email alert with the customer lead's real estate needs.

Only the first 3 agents who claim the customer will be connected and receive their contact information. So, act quickly to claim the customer and call or email them! This means less competition for you and a greater chance of closing the deal.

Only pay once your deal has closed!

Why we're different

Boost your real estate success with Realty Sage Pros!

Close more deals

Your Realty Sage Pros profile is a powerful tool to boost your online presence and grow your referral business.

Agents with extensive experience and eco-friendly, smart technology, and energy efficiency knowledge receive priority with customer leads. Fill out your profile with meticulous detail and consider earning a green agent credential.

Act fast – only the first 3 agents claiming a lead connect with the customer, giving you a greater chance to seal the deal!

Evaluated customers

Matched based on your dynamic profile and experience, our algorithm pairs you with real estate customers according to their needs.

Customers must successfully complete a questionnaire specifically for an agent, home tour or home listing inquiry and confirm that they are not working with another agent.

We care about sustainability in real estate

Sustainability matters in real estate! Homes now boast energy-efficient features and smart technologies. Your green agent expertise is invaluable for helping buyers grasp the value and benefits of these premium features. Sellers rely on your guidance to market their homes accurately and maximize their investment returns. Embrace the changing industry and excel with Realty Sage Pros!

It has been a pleasure working with RealtySagePros and I appreciate the solid lead provided. It was wonderful to be able to assist these amazing clients, find their dream home in Bozeman, Montana!

Mark Meissner

As a part time agent, Realty Sage Pros lead generation offers me the ability to target my marketing spend with a pay as you go model. Even better, the leads are pre-qualified so I'm focusing on the home buyers who are seeking a home in the area I serve. This is a super smart option for agents who want to spend their time and money on helping their clients find their next home.

Jesse Boeding

Receiving leads from Realty Sage Pros connects me to clients who value sustainability, one of my specialties. The information the clients and agents get from the website is priceless.

Miriam Gennari

With over two decades as a real estate agent, Realty Sage Pros is one of the only services where I can really show off my knowledge and experience marketing and finding a wide range of different properties for my clients with different requirements. It’s a really cool service.

Marik Queener

How can we help?

If you're having issues with setting up your agent profile visit the Agent Profile Help Center or email us at [email protected]