We're bigger! Plus healthy homes and growing your business

06 April 2020, 19:10

The world is changing; real estate and home life are changing and we are too.

We're adding more resources, 

growing and partnering with others to make this better... together. 

We've got BIG news!

  • We're growing! We're excited to announce the addition of the referral real estate brokerage, Intelligent Referrals LLC and our newest partner.
  • Healthy homes: Staying at home, be safe and healthy during COVID-19 and self-isolation. 
  • Technology: Home tours are going virtual thanks technology and agents. 
  • Industry: Real estate is an "essential business" to remain open. 
  • Agents, build your business now with us. We'll be offering you resources in the up-coming months to help you maintain your business. See below. 

We're listening, so please feel free to contact us


Kari Klaus, Founder of Realty Sage


We're growing

Intelligent Referrals LLC is now part of Realty Sage!

We're excited to announce that Intelligent Referrals LLC, a real estate referral brokerage, is now a subsidiary of Realty Sage. 

We also welcome our brokerage partnership with Century 21 Redwood Realty!

What does this mean? Answer -- more opportunities for everyone!

  • Buyers and sellers will now have even more opportunities to find local expert agents through our RealtySagePros.com free matching platform. 
  • Agents can connect to buyers and sellers with no up-front costs and only pay a referral fee with successful closings! Agents,learn more on how to participate.
  • Brokers, sign up your office, and receive a reduced referral fee for participating agents!

Realty Sage Pros


Your home, your sanctuary 

healthy home

A healthy home is extremely important now more than ever. 

There are many positive ways to keep your home and yourself healthy, including tips on managing your outdoor activities, social distancing etiquette, how to make household cleaner, ways to focus for your work and maintain connections to family and friends. 

Read tips on maintaining a healthy home and lifestyle during this time. 

While you're at home, also consider taking advantage of making those home improvements you've always dreamed of doing.

Here are our list of recommended eco-friendly home products for your home.


The Virtual Home Buying Experience

virtual home tours

Agents are stepping up and doing what it takes to help their buyers and sellers. That includes the virtual and ichat home tour experience. Read more about virtual home tours from Business Insider.

Get matched to a local agent who can assist you with your virtual home tour experience.

RealtySagePros.com  has a short, free questionnaire to help match you to local expert agents based on your unique real estate needs.


Resources For Your Business 

home for sale

We’re here for you and we want you to succeed.  Build your business now.  

Agents, over the next few months we'll be offering discounts and freebies to help you with your business. 

Make sure that you have an up-to-date Agent Profile so that you can participate. Create or edit your Agent Profile now

With your Realty Sage Agent Profile you can

  • Receive customer leads from RealtySagePros.com  
    • No up-front costs. You pay only with a successful closing. 
    • Enhance your Agent profile for more opportunities to get customer lead matches. 
    • Sign and upload your Agent Partner Brokerage Referral Agreement for a discounted referral fee. 
    • Learn more about Realty Sage Pros for agents


Real estate is an 'essential business' 

During this time of closures, it is important to know that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency released an advisory list on which industries are “essential to critical infrastructure...

The agency writes that, “residential and commercial real estate services, including settlement services,” are essential. 

Source: Inman News

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