What’s New With Viva In 2017

24 February 2017, 10:13 Viva Green Homes has been very busy lately. And we’d like to share some of the innovative things that we are doing; to bring more information to consumers (future homebuyers) while also helping sellers to more accurately market their homes for sale to get a better return on their investment and to further aid industry leaders track and understand how their products are performing in the real estate market.

Bringing more information and solar to future homebuyers

Recently, VivaGreenHomes.com began implementing on every single family listing a solar system estimate through our partner Geostellar, whether the home has solar or not. What’s cool is that the estimates are individually tailored to the roof profile of each home and the area’s solar potential and utility rates. This helps buyers understand the cost savings of adding solar to any home in any area and aids them with resources to get them started with the process of their new home. It also helps sellers with solar homes that can provide an instant estimate of the cost savings to home buyers and help promote their systems.

More trust in eco claims.

VGH has also been hard at work adding more verification of eco claims, including many homes’ energy efficiency scores, LEED certifications and with our newest partners at Passive House Institute US. PHIUS is doing great work towards creating more energy efficient, comfortable, resilient, and affordable homes, and we’re excited to make it easier to find these homes.

Making sustainability easy.

We’ve also transformed our homepage and will continue to make more changes in the near future to create a culture where home buying is not just about price and location, it’s about knowing that there is so much more to being a homeowner like cost savings, comfort, smart technology, design, environmental impact, and renewable energies.  Buying a home is one of the most important and most expensive purchases a person may ever make, so having access to all the information about the home is critical to a smart consumer. Viva Green Homes is doing that. We are revolutionizing the real estate industry.

Leading the industry.

We are also gaining recognition for our leadership through our partnerships, our work with national industry leaders, our recent press and a 2016 Cleantech Open Southeast Regional win, a Cleantech Open National Finalist and National Business Award recipient for the Business Model with the Best Chance of Immediate Investment and Commercialization for Viva Green Homes.

It’s hard work, and we couldn’t do it without the encouragement of our fans and customers. Thank you!

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