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02 September 2019, 15:06

Check out the important role eco plays in housing. If you're one of the millions of Americans who work in real estate or who will buy or sell a home this year, this month's newsletter is for you!

  • Eco-friendly ways to increase the value of your home

  • Recommended Eco-Friendly Products and Appliances

  • Why Green Real Estate Agents Make a Difference

  • Washington Post looks at the Green in the Real Estate Industry

  • Massachusetts featured listing with a Sage Score of 100+

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Your Guide to Increasing Your Home Value by Going Eco

Unlock Green Value

Unlocking Your Home's Value with Sustainability


Eco-Friendly Ideas To Increase the Value Of Your Home

Realty Sage by Syd Ulrich-Dogonniuck


"There are so many ways you can increase the value of your home, from a complete remodel to new appliances to simply swapping out your lightbulbs; thus you can effectively make a positive environmental impact and earn brownie points with potential buyers regardless of how much you can financially invest right now."

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Going Green Can Add Value to Your Home


Washington Post By Kenneth R. Harney

"If you seal up all the energy-leaking areas in your house, install a highly efficient heating and ventilating system, new windows and a long list of other green improvements, will a future buyer pay you a premium price for your efforts?

A new study conducted by national appraisal experts says the answer most probably is yes — often tens of thousands of dollars more."

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Realty Sage Pros

Local Green Real Estate Agents

A professional who has experience with eco homes or has earned green credentials such as LEED, EcoBroker and NAR's Green Designation can help market eco homes and unlock the value for sellers. Buyers who work with green agents learn more during home tours about how certain home's can be lower maintenance, save the homeowner money and be more comfortable.

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How RealtySage values Eco

Sage Score and Livability Categories

By calculating a Sage Score for your house, Realty Sage helps actually quantify how “green” a home is and truly showcase how the special features of your property positively impact the quality of living in your home! Using the Sage Score certificate and marketing materials can showcase the eco and energy efficiency in your listing.

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Recommended Eco-Friendly Products

Cost Saving and Eco-Friendly Products and Appliances

Home Renovations

If you are considering making improvements to your current home or want to explore ways to improve your future home, check out our comprehensive list of products and appliances that will be good for your budget and the environment.

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Energy Efficient Appliances >


Patio and Landscape >

Complete List of Eco-Friendly Home Products

Featured Listing

Weston, Massachusetts

346 Highland St, Weston, MA 02493

Sage Score 100+

Listing with Craig Foley RE/MAX Leading Edge

This exceptional home is one of a select few in Massachusetts to have earned rigorous LEED Platinum®, DOE Zero Energy Ready Home, EPA Indoor airPLUS, and ENERGY STAR® Home certifications.

See the full listing

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Unlocking Your Home’s Value With Sustainability

Energy-Saving, Smart Home Ideas For Your Wallet And The World

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