Smart Homes for Sage Humans

16 July 2021, 18:03

By: Luisa Dahianna Trujillo López


Having a smart home is a pretty sage idea when you are trying to simplify your life, optimize your time, and your resources. You can consider yourself a smart homeowner even if you only have one device connected to your network. The main point that we would love to share today is how to find your way with all the new technology that is available at our hands. Here are five important points that will help you with your smart home.


Determine your priorities


Once you have clarity on your preferences, it will be easier to decide what is best for you and your home. Are you looking for saving money? Maybe it is the control you would like to have over your home. Another option is to help the environment with efficient appliances. In general, make a list of the things you would love to have and that can continue working for you for the long term regarding money, security, control, convenience, comfort, and the environment.


Get informed


The best way to find the best devices is through experts. Don’t drown in the sea of information online, take your time to read and ask questions. Compare your options and make sure you understand details to make the most out of your smart home. For example, investigate how long it can take to install your devices if you will have to continue spending some money on maintenance. Also, take into account the frequency to update your devices to keep them safe and contact the company in case you need it. There are great pages out there where you can get knowledge and make the best decisions, like this one that compares different smart home hubs: Best Smart Home Hub: One Device To Rule Them All


Keep your home secure


You shouldn’t leave anything to chance when talking about your security, especially at home. Some people don’t find it as important or real when it comes to a cyberattack, but there are alarming numbers that make it essential to take action and prevention. Some great devices will help you to keep you safe, such as smart door locks, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, among others. The ideal case is that more than cool gadgets, you monitor the core of your home network to avoid hackers.

Images from: TSP Smart Spaces


According to TSP Smart Spaces, three main factors to decide the safety of a smart home are knowledge about your network stack, documentation of network and smart home automation tech, and “the devices that give outside access to the network – by permission or, worse yet, without permission”.


Think Green 


Let’s make it simple: Not all smart homes are eco, but all eco homes are smart   While tech gadgets seem very convenient and cool, we have to be conscious of electric and water consumption. Many architects are also focusing on building sustainable solutions without the need for specific artifacts. LED light bulbs are more efficient compared to incandescent ones. Window treatments are fantastic for sunlight regulation while intelligent thermostats will be useful to keep your home at the perfect temperature without wasting energy. You can always find great treats on our Smart Home Ideas part, to continue growing your eco-lifestyle. 


Increase your Home Value 

It is proved, smart homes have a higher value in the market. Besides, more and more people are looking for homes that have already set their systems. Thereby, Realty Sage is the right way to empower innovation when selling a home. Standard home descriptions usually neglect certain data such as cost-saving features, eco-friendliness, health benefits, commuter-friendliness, 3rd party certifications, quality construction, and more. Thanks to the Sage Score and the Livability Categories you can have a comprehensive view to compare market properties easily. The Sage Score is the group of features in a home divided into 8 categories: energy; water; systems and appliances; interior finishes; construction; community and outdoors; technology; and utility information. The Livability Categories provide buyers with more knowledge about the potential benefits of certain property features including the potential cost savings, eco, and health benefits.

If you’re buying a home get started with your home search or as a seller-agent, add listings to the platform for free. Be a sage human and make the most out of smart homes! 



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