The Simplest Guide to Understand Zero Energy Homes

28 July 2021, 23:37

By: Luisa Dahianna Trujillo López

Every day of our lives we are seeing the effects of climate change, and there are many ways to help make this less traumatic. We have talked several times about avoiding plastic, how to make our holidays greener, and why a green home is deeply important for real estate. Today you will find the ultimate, simplest, 101 guide to finally understand Zero Energy Homes.


What is a Zero Energy Home?


We might say they are normal homes, but no, they are way better. These houses have a blend of energy efficiency, advanced building methods, and design.

Zero Energy Homes create as much energy as is consumed by the occupants for a net zero energy use result. 

They are also grid-tied for the ebbs and flows of energy usage, which differs from an off-grid home.

Photo by © Tony Kim


Why are these houses important?


Check at these numbers given by Loxone about energy costs distribution in a regular house:

Space Heating 41.5% Water heating 17.7%
Air conditioning 6.2%  Lighting, Appliances, electronics 34.6%

When you have a Zero Energy Home, your energy bills are cut to zero and as they are independent of fossil fuels, they are great help for the environment.


Are Passive Homes and Zero Energy Homes the Same?


No, but they are similar. Both have different standards to be considered as such. For example, Passive Homes are more related to the design and the functions, and they use minimal or no energy. We recommend you watch this video explaining Passive Homes in 90 seconds.

The main similarities usually apply to all energy-efficient homes, like the avoidance of thermal bridging, high-performance windows, thick and constant insulation, renewable energy generators from diverse sources, such as solar, wind turbines, geothermal, among others.

Finally, Zero Energy Homes are a healthy, green, and even affordable option. Think of them as a great quality that lasts for long. Remember you can always check the Sage Score on Realty Sage to choose the perfect sustainable home.

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