Realty Sage is taking on top industry issues

19 March 2018, 16:37

The Jun 2017, Inman article titled, The top 10 issues facing the real estate industry in 2017 highlights the importance of what Realty Sage is doing in the real estate industry. Here's a summary.

“DENVER — Every year, the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) surveys its members to discover what the most pressing issues facing the real estate industry might be. Today, at the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) conference in Denver, CRE chair Scott Muldavin unveiled a list of the 10 challenges the industry will face.”

Of the top 10 issues, Realty Sage is working directly to improve 4 of these using data and incorporating information about technology including smart, eco and energy efficiency.

Here are the 4 where Realty Sage will directly have an positive impact on the real estate industry: 

1. Climate change. CRE believe noted that climate change, even the perception of it, will impact home values. Realty Sage is working with data to better understand market values of homes with eco, energy efficient and smart technologies and the value that consumers place on these features.

2. Housing: The big mismatch. CRE cited that the affordability of a home often was impacted by the abundance or lack of jobs. The more affordable the home, the less abundant the jobs. Realty Sage is working to provide more information about the true ownership costs of housing. While some homes could cost the same or even more upfront, they could have significantly less in ownership costs each month year after year of ownership. Understanding the true costs and benefits of each property is an important part of the decision-making process.

3. Infrastructure Investment-  Between 2008 and 2016, the United States saw a huge increase in energy investment including renewable energy and energy efficiency. This helped to propel the wide-spread adoption of solar on residential properties and the cost savings that many people began to enjoy. Whereas prior to subsidies, the cost of adding a solar system often was not recovered by the utility savings.  Realty Sage is continuing to enhance the data surrounding the benefits of renewable energies, energy efficiency and much more, educating buyers and incentivizing homeowners/sellers to make the investment.  

4 Technology boom – The CRE also shared how technology will essentially change every aspect of buying, selling and managing real estate. We agree! In fact, Realty Sage was founded with the premise that as technology changes our homes and our everyday lives, buyers and sellers should also have access to better data to help market these homes and to show the benefits of these properties to buyers. 

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