Message from the Founder, Introducing Realty Sage

06 March 2019, 13:56
Introducing Realty Sage

Viva Green Homes is now Realty Sage
I am so honored to be part of this new frontier for the real estate and sustainability industries. Viva Green Homes was the first step in bringing these two industries together on a real estate platform. I thank my team and the many partners and organizations for their tremendous support in building and shaping Viva Green Homes’ success.
Now Realty Sage will take this innovation to a new level of integrating sustainability into the residential real estate market. I am extremely excited about the progress and the potential of Realty Sage’s platform, including its tens of thousands of active listings, better data, innovative comparison tools, its scalability and easy integration of clean and smart technologies. But what is most exciting is the vision I have for it over the next few years. I look forward to having you along for the journey.
Kari Klaus
Founder, VivaGreen LLC

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