Introducing Realty Sage

19 February 2019, 19:43
Introducing Realty Sage

A game changer in the Real Estate Industry enters the scene with data, scoring, and matching tools.

Arlington, VA: Realty and home buying websites have allowed for easy consumer access to properties and home buying research, but a gap in data and tools is present in the real estate industry. Leading real estate websites fail when it comes to quantifying and explaining the benefits certain homes offer and their premium features, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, quality building measurements and materials. Realty Sage fills that gap and much more. RS is a national platform launching with initial full market integration in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, one of the largest in the country. With nearly 100,000 active listings, RS matches the volume of listings as leading sites in six states and DC.
Introducing Realty Sage (RS), an enhanced residential real estate platform, powered by intelligent data that helps buyers learn even more about each property, and where sellers and agents can more accurately market their home listings.
Realty Sage goes beyond the standard home descriptions, and focuses on often neglected data, such as cost saving features, eco-friendliness, health benefits, commuter-friendliness and maintenance levels. Formerly, Realty Sage doesn’t just include eco data, it’s a platform which leads the industry with Intelligent Real Estate and its innovative Sage Score, Livability Categories, detailed listing information and more. (RS Pros), Realty Sage’s agent-customer matching platform, offers a data-driven, lead generation service for real estate agents and customers. Using proprietary data and dynamic agent profiles, agents are connected to potential new buyer and seller clients with a simple profile upload at a low cost of $35, pay-per-lead fee structure. Customers are matched to their ideal agent based on their unique real estate needs from a short questionnaire and the agent’s credentials.
“With Realty Sage, consumers can easily access the tools that will make for a better home buying decision,” explains Kari Klaus, Founder of Realty Sage. “With improved data, livability categories, and Sage Score, the platform offers a user-friendly, intelligent experience that connects buyers, sellers or agents to the home features that are most important to them.”
More importantly, Realty Sage addresses these gaps and offers enhanced features that will forever change the home buying search and listing process.
"I think this is a true value add to the consumer, the real estate industry and the real estate agent.   This focus on energy efficient, green and sustainable living will save buyers and sellers tons of research time as well as match them to someone in the industry that has an expertise in exactly what will matter to these buyers and sellers,” -- Alicia Brown, REALTOR®, Entrepreneur and Realty Sage Advisor
Realty Sage in Action:

  • Realty Sage provides a customized home search experience for home buyers.
  • The RS platform explores home listings, discovers agents, and compares home features with innovative tools such as the Sage Score and Livability Categories
  • The Sage Score provides the ease and the capability to analyze homeowner benefits across eight aspects: energy, water, community/outdoors, systems/appliances, technology, interior finishes, utility information, and construction.
  • Using a 6 question quiz, buyers can learn which Livability Categories most closely match their lifestyle and will influence their home selection.
  • Buyers connect with agents through RSPros with no fees attached.
  • Realty Sage offers sellers multiple ways to market homes with free listing capabilities, enhanced data and feature descriptions.
  • The Sage Score, Livability Categories, auto-population of listing information and custom marketing materials are all unique tools and improve the marketability of a seller’s listing.
  • For green homes, RS is the leading platform in marketing. The free listing service will illustrate all the benefits and features of a green home listing.
  • Livability Categories showcase the potential benefits of your listing such as its potential cost savings, health, comfort, eco-friendliness and more.
  • Using the RS Pros platform, sellers fill out a short questionnaire and RS gets to work with its proprietary data to match sellers to agents based on their professional experience.
  • Homeowners have access to tips and professionals to identify and improve their homes.
  • Realty Sage provides a national platform to reach new home buyers and sellers.
  • Auto-population of home features for easy importing of listing data.
  • Agents can showcase their skill set or expertise to reach new buyers and sellers on RS Pros.
  • RS Pros is an intelligently designed lead generation and matching service for agents.
  • Agents can decide which customer leads are a good fit based on their skill set e.g. a solar or green home listing requires a different skill set than an average home listing.
  • Realty Sage fills the gap in the real estate industry with the quantification of green and premium features that are often deficient, inaccurate and non-existent on other platforms.
  • Soon solar and tech companies, certifiers and homebuilders will understand market trends better with RS’s data aggregation and comparison tools e.g. Comparing a solar home’s market value to a similar non-solar home, or the value added of LEED certification across the country.
  • Clean technologies, energy efficient products and innovative building materials have a place to showcase their premium qualities and benefits, not seen on other platforms.


Realty Sage launched on March 7, 2019 and provides high-level incomparable information that will be a game changer for sellers, buyers, agents, and the industry as a whole. To view the complete resources available on the platform visit for more.
About Realty Sage

Realty Sage, a data-driven platform, delivers new and detailed property information to active home listings. Explore what features match your lifestyle. Compare homes through the Sage Score and Livability Categories showcasing a home’s potential benefits such as cost savings, eco-friendliness, healthy, commute-friendly, low maintenance and much more. Connect to local professionals to help you through the real estate process on Realty Sage Pros. Data connects the unique needs of your home search or home listing to thousands of agents based on their experience to get the best match for your needs. Learn more at

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