Innovative Search Categories: Changing The Real Estate Industry Search & Marketing

29 September 2017, 10:16
Viva Green Homes has always focused on helping buyers find just the right home for them by providing details no other sites offer. Now we’re making it even easier.
All homes on VGH can be searched by innovative search categories that allow buyers to quickly identify the general features and lifestyle that matter to them most.

Instead of educating millions of future home buyers on what to look for, VGH presents solutions to them based on what they say is important to them.

Because what matters to most home buyers is how they will live in their home each day for months and years and potentially decades from now. Will their monthly utility bills be low, their home have technology or systems built in that suit their lifestyle or comfort level? 

It doesn’t necessarily matter if their future home has geothermal, solar or wind but that it has renewable energy or lower electricity bills.

Category searches allow buyers to quickly search our vast eco database, providing uncomplicated search results guiding them closer to their goal, whether it’s a millennial seeking a smart home, parents seeking a healthy home for their children or a retiree seeking a cost saving home. Viva Green Homes is the leader in providing solutions to this emerging real estate and home industry. 

Future home buyers, sellers and industry leaders all benefit.

Third party certifications coupled with new clean technologies and advanced building techniques are being implemented into the real estate market and new housing at an incredible rate. This is great news! But this also greatly complicates a home buying search making it more confusing to understand the true livability impact for home buyers and if buyers are paying a premium for features that they really care about. Sellers and industry leaders also are facing a difficult task of educating and highlighting accurately the certifications and premium features. Viva Green Homes has solved this problem by turning it on its head. 

Instead of sellers and industry leaders educating the millions of buyers about the benefits up front of every home certification, clean technology and building technique, we ask the buyer what is important to them and provide all the available home listing results, ranging from third party certified homes to detailed home features, systems and more that compliment the buyer's preferred lifestyle.  Through this method, buyers learn what features, certifications and building techniques are part of their home search goal and their value.

It sounds simple, but only Viva Green Home's expertise and data is able to achieve this. And we are proud to continue to usher in eco and energy efficient homes into the real estate market through our innovative techniques and data-driven results.  

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