Realty Sage Selected by US Department of State to Represent at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit

29 May 2019, 17:50

Among the global tech startup companies to converge on The Hague, The Netherlands on June 3rd-5th for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit will be Arlington, Virginia entrepreneur Kari Klaus, Founder of

Secretary of State Pompeo, Ivanka Trump, Queen Maxima (The Netherlands), and Mastercard’s CEO Ajay Banga will also be in attendance along with global leaders, Fortune 500 companies and ambassadors from around the world.

Klaus’s company, Realty Sage (formerly Viva Green Homes) uses big data and AI to implement, verify, and analyze critical energy efficient, renewable and smart technology data in a software as a service (SAAS) residential real estate platform. RS automates this data into listings and to provide an instant Sage Score to identify homes with beneficial features.

The real estate industry has been woefully slow to ensure greater accuracy of listings and to offer more detailed information in a way that ultimately benefits buyers, sellers and real estate agents. Real estate websites such as Zillow and Trulia continue to rely almost exclusively on the limited, manually inserted, and potentially inaccurate MLS data. The result? Most buyers learn about their housing options on national real estate websites, while agents and sellers depend on these sites to market their listings for sale. But often these sites focus only on the most basic information about a property such as its price, size, location, etc, providing an incomplete picture of a home’s value that does not benefit buyers or sellers.

The Realty Sage platform encourages greater accuracy in property listings through its verified and automated data which aims to improve inaccurate or incomplete manually added MLS data. RS’s data overlay allows buyers to understand upfront the benefits of a home’s features, systems, and building quality and increases the potential return on investment for sellers.

The real estate industry also suffers from a large and growing gap of data to analyze the potential market value of sustainability and smart technology, just as California is mandating solar on newly constructed or renovated homes by 2020 and requiring zero energy standards on all newly constructed homes of 3-stories or shorter. The data about the technology and advanced building techniques in the real estate industry is incomplete, unverified or almost entirely non-existent, rendering any attempt at market analysis to be inaccurate.

Realty Sage is applying its intelligent data about listings to connect agents to potential sellers and buyers in its portion of the site. Dynamic agent profiles are complete with information about their experience with properties that have solar, energy efficient systems, eco-friendly materials, and certifications. The goal is to match sellers to agents with experience to market their homes more accurately and to match buyers with agents who can help explore listings that will save them money, have lower maintenance, are more commuter-friendly and so on.

Realty Sage has received global and national awards and press. You can find over 100,000 active listings on in its primary market integration of the Northeast including Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and parts of New Jersey.

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