Can You Really Find Healthy Homes on the Web?

17 January 2022, 20:02

By: Luisa Dahianna Trujillo López

From eating to sleeping, we spend most of our time being at home. For this reason, having a healthy house is a must in today’s world. The National Center for Healthy Housing defines a healthy home as “housing that is designed, constructed, maintained, and rehabilitated in a manner that is conducive to good occupant health”. In short words, it is a place that keeps us safe. Yet, how efficient is it to find healthy homes on the web?

The Healthy Home

First, you must know the 8 basic elements that make a house healthy:

  1. dry,
  2. clean,
  3. safe,
  4. well-ventilated,
  5. pest-free,
  6. contaminant-free,
  7. well-maintained,
  8. and it is energy-efficient.
A home must to meet these conditions to avoid negative impacts to a home's occupants. 

The Un-Healthy Home

Almost 6 million households live with moderate to severe home health and safety hazards, which place them at risk for illnesses and injuries including asthma; lead poisoning; slip and falls, and respiratory illnesses, according to the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative.

Healthy Housing Fact Sheet - United States of America 2020
Image source National Center for Healthy Housing
You can check housing facts in your specific state here.

So, you want a healthy home? Here are 2 ways to get one: 

There are a lot of great options and products to help convert your home into a healthy home including air purifiers, smart carbon monoxide detectors, ventilation, moisture control methods and more. 

Check out the full list of  Healthy Home Tips and Product Suggestions

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Finding a Healthy Home online with

You may be uncertain about ways to find your perfect healthy home online. Many times, the information about the features of a home including systems that could improve the health of a home like ventilation, may be missing or too complicated.This is the part where Realty Sage becomes your best ally. This real estate platform provides insights on a home's benefits through the Sage Score and the Livability Categories.

  • The Sage Score is a comprehensive score to compare and market properties. It considers hundreds of features in a home and its surrounding community. There are 8 categories: energy; water; systems/appliances; interior finishes; construction; community/outdoors; technology; and utility information.

  • The Livability Categories provide knowledge about the potential benefits of certain property features. This includes potential cost savings, eco, and health benefits.

Other websites can’t provide the amount of data that Realty Sage does, take the sage shortcut and get your next healthy home now. 

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