Homeowners Reveal What They Love. We Make Them Eco-Friendly

11 February 2022, 20:04

According to Realtor.com, homeowners shared the surprising things they LOVED about their homes. RealtySage is adding to that, by sharing how to make those same favorites even better by going eco-friendly!

Homeowners favorite features with an eco-friendly twist! 

  1. A tree in the front yard  – Consider planting more trees if you have few or even if you have a lot! Trees offer shade in the hot summer and when they lose their leaves in the winter it allows the sun to shine more brightly into your home helping to warm it. Neighborhoods with mature trees often increase the value of the neighborhood as well! Many localities offer free residential tree plantings through local government or organizations.

  2. A soaking tub – With so many beautiful options, you can find one that is also eco-friendly Elemental.green has some ideas!

  3. A wet bar - Repurpose China cabinets, sideboards and kitchen cabinets into a unique and ecofriendly wet bar. Check out this YouTube video

  4. Lots of light – Having energy-efficient windows reduces the need for artificial light during the day and it helps to warm the home in the winter. Make sure that your lights include LED bulbs which save 75% on electricity usage. 

  5. Two living rooms - The eco-friendly option is not to get a bigger house, but to consider how to make better and multi-purposeful uses of your existing spaces. Using a small corner of your dining room, add in comfy but elegant chairs to create the idea of a "formal" living room. Or convert you're rarely used formal living room into a space for daily activities as well as entertaining. 

  6. A covered patio - Enjoying the outdoors and getting fresh air is important. Check out these tips and product ideas to make your outdoor spaces eco-friendly. And if you plan to add a covered porch make sure that you are using FTC certified lumber. 

Make sure to check out our guide to eco friendly product and home ideas. Also these tips will help to make your home more comfortable and healthy all year. 

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