Eco-friendly and plastic-free ideas and products

06 July 2020, 15:16

Eco-friendly, plastic-free ideas and products you can start using today!

Plastic free July has come upon us again! It’s that time of the year where we see a lot of social media posts, photos, videos and text on going plastic free and embracing a sustainable way of life. For most of us it seems far-fetched or someone else will take care of it! But, turns out the environment is a collective responsibility starting with me and you!

These simple steps could get you started on the sustainable living journey and substantially reduce the impact on the environment. Don’t keep this all to yourself, share with a friend, gift someone and spread the joy of eco-living!

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
– Robert Swan, Author

Kitchen Paper Towels 

According to, “If every household in America replaced just one package each of conventional toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and tissues with products made from recycled materials, we would save about 10 million trees!” Thankfully, we don’t have to give up the use of kitchen towels all together but, we can find some eco-friendly towels like these Bamboo Paper Towels

Produce bags 

Wondering how to handle grocery shopping? Well, picking up a plastic bag or fruits packed in a plastic pack in a Supermarket is not only convenient but highly accessible. But, investing in wraps that are not only reusable, natural and eco-friendly can go a long way in ensuring your trip to the Supermarket is not only good for you but great for the environment too. Check out:- Bee's Wrap and Mesh produce bags for some ideas. Also, feel free to gift a friend and spread the sustainable living buzz.


Bio-degradable products

Ensuring that you buy items that are bio-degradable is a key step in reducing carbon footprint and providing space for the environment to regenerate and thrive. Since garbage bags cannot be reused, take the step today to invest in a bio-degradable one and provide space for the environment to regenerate and thrive. Check out these Bio-degradable garbage bag for some ideas.

Eco-elevate your beauty regimen!

Looking good doesn’t have to come at a cost as huge as a toxic environment! Investing in products that can be reused or recycled is not only cheaper but healthier too. See this Beauty bundle consisting of washable, reusable makeup remover pads & microfiber face cleansing gloves to clean and exfoliate skin. Also, check out this detangling  natural wooden paddle hair-brush


Coffee – brewed and served the eco-friendly way

The smell of warm, brewing coffee on a chilly, snowy morning is one of those ‘out of this world’ experiences. Coffee is great but that plastic take-away cup is not good for you and the environment! Turn your coffee habit into a healthy experience both for you and the environment by investing in coffee filters like re-usable hemp coffee filters, Re-usable K-cup and a coffee mug such as reusable coffee mug. These items are not only cheap but also reusable which means you reduce plastic waste significantly.


Re-usable notebook

What about a re-usable notepad! Technology definitely has its perks and can definitely help us in the quest for a more sustainable environment. This means that even office work can be conducted sustainably.

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