12 January 2016, 00:00

The Business of 'Greenwashing' (And We're Not Talking About Laundry)

As Kermit the frog might say, "It ain’t easy bein' green." Well, it seems Kermit is on to something in the real estate market too. As homes flood the real estate market claiming that they have green features or energy efficiency and ask for a premium price tag because buyers think that they are getting an innovative, eco-friendly and energy-efficient home, the real question is, "How do they know?"
27 December 2015, 11:40

No Drill, Plug and Play Solar Homes- So Cool!

Solar for homes. No drilling, plug and play. That's innovative.
07 December 2015, 03:44

12 Easy and Eco-Friendly Holiday and Christmas Gifts for Men, Women, Children, and Pets!

12 Eco Friendly Gifts for Men, Women, Children, and Pets!