11240 Sutter Crossing Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89135


HERS Index Score: 39
Living area size:
Building year:
LEED Platinum, HERS Rated, Energy Star registered
Home Energy Rating System (HERS):
HERS 21-40
HERS Rated Score:
Energy sources:
Solar system, Owned Solar System
Water Efficiency:
Tankless, gas water heater, Tankless, gas water heater (whole house)
Smart Technology:
Home Automation System, Smart Lock, Smart Thermostat
Programmable Thermostat
Electric Car Charging Station:
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Walk Score Value:
Sage Score:
The Sage Score is a measure of a home’s overall features. 100+
Livability Categories:
Cost Savings. Features which reduce the maintenance & utility costs Cost Savings
Comfort. Has features making the overall livability more desirable such as consistent temperatures and improved air quality. Comfort
Eco-friendly. Has a reduced impact on the environment Eco Friendly
Healthy. Reduced contaminants and/or improved ventilation Healthy
Low-maintenance. Has longer lasting features and/or less frequent maintenance required Low Maintenance
Market resale potential. Has features often equated with a premium resale value Market Resale Potential
Quality. Includes certifications, enhanced building techniques and materials. Quality
Technology. Includes smart and automated features Technology
Potential Benefits:
Solar system
- Cost Savings of up to $750/year or $15000 over 20yrs on energy costs.
- Eco Benefits with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Tankless, gas water heater (whole house)
- Cost Savings of up to 15% in energy usage, or $95/yr and $1800 lifetime.

Programmable Thermostat
- Cost Savings as much as 10%-30% on heating and cooling bills. 

Smart Thermostat
- Cost Savings of up to $83/yr in energy costs.

Home Automation System
- Cost Savings vary, but coupled with smart bulbs and thermostats, Home Automation systems save energy, cut utility costs over time, and monitor water usage helping to prevent exorbitant water bills.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station
- Cost Savings of roughly $860/yr in fuel costs.
- Health Benefits include improved air quality with less health problems and costs caused by air pollution. EVs are also quieter than petrol/diesel vehicles, which means less noise pollution.
- Eco Benefits include reducing the emissions that contribute to climate change and smog and allowing greater diversity of fuel choices available for transportation.


LEED Version: LEED-HOMES v2008
Level: Platinum
Score: 88.0
Date: 2015-01-23
Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index Score: 39
Date:: January 24, 2013
How does the HERS index work?: This home is 61% more efficient than a standard new home.


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