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We make it easy and free to add your home listing to Realty Sage.  Simply provide your listing address and your comments about the property features and Realty Sage will attempt to auto-populate as much information as possible.  You can also add videos, documents, and additional photos.

Your listing will last up to 90 days and you will receive an alert to extend the listing if you should need to do so. 

Eco Homes Guide


Check out our eco resources to learn more about the value of solar & geothermal, and to get tips about selling a home with green features. 


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Check out our resources page to get more insights and tips about real estate. 



Data-Driven Listings

Our innovative tools make it easier for you to showcase the premium features and their benefits to potential home buyers. 

How It Works

Sage Score 

The Sage Score is the only instant comprehensive score to compare and market properties more easily.  The Sage Score considers certifications, energy efficiency, building quality, community features, and hundreds more features of a home. 

Livability Categories

Livability Categories show how homeowners can potentially benefit from a property's features, certifications and technology.  Cost Savings, Quality, Commute-Friendly, Eco-Friendly, Low Maintenance, Healthy, Comfort, Technology, and much more, are some of the Livability Categories that highlight the potential benefits of your listing, allowing your property to showcase and helping set your property apart. 

Livability Categories

Marketing Options

Realty Sage offers sellers multiple ways to elevate your listing, including marketing materials customized with your listing's Sage Score, and a certificate and documentation to provide to potential buyers, appraisers, and lenders.  Realty Sage provides unique materials and tools that will improve the marketability of your listing.

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Marketing Materials & Sage Score Certificate

Agents with Experience 

Connect to agents in your local area based on your specific listing needs.  Using the platform, fill out a short questionnaire about the type of home you are selling and Realty Sage gets to work with its proprietary data to match you to local agents based on their experience working with those features.  For example, if your home has solar or energy efficient features, Realty Sage uses data to match you to agents who have experience and knowledge about these unique features.  Experienced and knowledgeable agents understand how to better market these premium features and capture more return on your investment. 

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