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The Sage Score is the only instant comprehensive score to compare and market properties more easily.

The Sage Score considers certifications, energy efficiency, building quality, community features, and hundreds more aspects of a home.




Market the home's Sage Score and showcase its features and benefits to potential buyers during Open Houses and Tours.

Update the marketing materials with new photos and information at any time, and as often as you wish--at no additional cost.



  • - Sage Score certificate
  • - Custom property flyer
  • - Room displays highlighting property features
  • - Information for buyers about the home’s potential benefits
  • - Documentation for lenders, appraisers, and home inspectors


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Sage Score Certificate 

 As the only automated and instant score for homes, the Sage Score certificate will help ensure that your property stands out. The certificate contains the home's Sage Score and a unique identification number. The certificate can be updated in the future when changes are made to the home. 

Custom Property Flyer

A custom flyer that you can use at Open Houses and Buyer-Agent Tours. Includes listing and agent photos and details such as descriptions, agent information, Sage Score, Livability Categories and any third party certifications. 

Room Displays

Marketing displays are excellent resources for home tours and open houses. They showcase property features grouped by rooms and by type.
Place these displays in room or provide an overview of the energy, water saving, and premium features all at once. 

Print as many displays as needed. To make them really stand out, place them inside a sheet protector or display stand and reuse them for your next listing.

Home's Potential Benefits  

This information is ideal for homebuyers to learn about the home's potential benefits through the Livability Categories including the home's potential for cost savings, low maintenance, eco-friendliness, commute-friendliness, resale value and more.

Documentation for Lenders, Appraisers and More

This documentation can be used for lenders, appraisers, agents, home buyers and more. It documents things such as the typical annual cost savings for solar power or energy efficient appliances as well as details about improved health and eco-friendliness.


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Preview the materials and regenerate new materials as needed  -- no additional cost!

Your materials don't need to be perfect when you buy them.

Payment & Delivery

Receive an email with your materials in a PDF attachment.

Access your materials any time under the ($) icon next to your listing.

Print as many copies as you want. No additional fees.


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