Livability Categories

Livability Categories show how homeowners can potentially benefit from a property's features, certifications and technology.  

Environmentally positive homes compared to traditionally built homes. Could include responsibly sourced or natural materials, reduced water & energy usage.

Explore eco-friendly products & ideas

Market Resale Value
Easy to spot features which buyers often associate with a premium value.

Explore ideas to improve a home's market resale value
Evenly distributed temperatures using better construction, better systems, and technology make this home more comfortable to live in.

Explore ways to make your home more comfortable

Minimal “off-gassing” and/or proper ventilation improve the air quality and other health-oriented benefits.

Explore healthy home products and inspirations
Cost Savings
Reduced utility costs and/or ownership costs. 

Explore products to make your home more cost-saving
Located in community-based areas with amenities like parks, events, retail, etc…
Low Maintenance
Features, systems, or technology in this home reduce routine up-keep.

Explore low maintenance ideas and products
 Location central to public and major transportation options.

Verified Info
 Home features which have been verified by 3rd parties and documentation.
Durability through quality construction, materials or energy efficiency goals.

Explore products that improve your home's quality and durability.
Smart and high-tech features, such as heating and cooling and automated whole house systems.

Explore products to make your home more tech savvy
 Unconventional types of homes by design, structure, materials or size.

Explore ideas to make your home unique  

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** Our Livability Categories are only meant to be used as a guide to understand the potential benefit of various home features.  The Livability Categories are periodically updated to incorporate newer technology, energy and water efficiency or sustainability features. Any new information about the potential benefits may affect an existing property’s  assigned Livability Categories without notice. A property's features, and their corresponding Livability Categories, have not been independently verified and should be taken only as an indicator based upon the information provided in the listing.  Please contact the owner or listing agent for additional information and to arrange an in-person visit of the property to verify listing information.  You should also consider hiring an expert such as a home energy auditor, home inspector, and other real estate professionals who can verify the property's features and likely benefits. 

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