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Market Your Company to Sustainability and Real Estate Enthusiasts.



How It Works 


Realty Sage accepts and also creates sponsored content for your company and in line with Realty Sage's audience.




Sustainability (eg eco-friendly lifestyle, innovation, eco-friendly products, etc...)


Real Estate (eg buying or selling a home, home value, improvements, etc...)



Typically between 700-1000 words


 Preferred styles include:

"Tips/ How-To" 

"Market Trends" 

"New Products or Technology"


Publication of sponsored content is distributed to thousands of real estate and sustainability fans through the Realty Sage network including

  • The RS Newsletter 
  • RS Social Media platforms  including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Posts include a paid boost and tagging to relevant topics and industries
  • RS website under News & Blogs


  • Prices for publishing sponsored content, created by another company, start at $250
  • Prices for Realty Sage to create and publish sponsored content start at $600 


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We look forward to working with you. 


*Prices are subject to change without notice. We have the right to refuse publication of content submissions for any reason. RS will refund payment, minus any  fees incurred during the transaction and a $20 processing and handling fee.