GreenStar Certification

GreenStar CGH&R CMYK-600


GreenStar Certification

Formerly the Minnesota GreenStar (MNGS), GreenStar Home Certification is a robust above code renovation, addition & new construction program to the market. This program ensures healthier, more durable homes that save energy and water thus reducing the cost of living and improving comfort. GreenStar is based on the 5 pillars of green; Energy, Health, Water, Materials and Place and how these are affected systematically by the 7 components of a home including, Outdoor/Site, Building Envelope Systems, Mechanicals, Electrical/Lighting, Plumbing Systems and Fixtures, Finish Materials and Coatings and Waste Management.

Whether you’re remodeling a room, adding an addition or building new:

Take the guesswork out of building better!

Why GreenStar Homes? 

The free online checklist and manual put you in the drivers seat and can help you easily generate green scopes of work, bids, specifications and accountability forms for general contractors, designers and all sub-contractors such as insulators, HVAC, plumbing, framing, landscaping and others based on your needs.

3rd party quality assurance inspections 

Trust but verify, greenstar raters and quality assurance reviewers help ensure what was planned was actually done in the home, helping improve value, comfort, health and energy savings.

Why GreenStar vs. other labels? 

Unlike other programs, GreenStar is a nonpolitical market driven voluntary program that is not built into legislative mandates and is designed to educate the market to make homes BETTER. Greenstar is continuously improved based on the changing nature of sound building science and works closely with our users to ensure the program is relevant and viable.

How do I learn more?  

Watch a 1 hour CEU approved webinar session on basics of this program. This counts towards 1 of your requirements to become greenstar qualified. Watch now